Many Mandurah (ish) members about

Hey Peeps.

Are there many waaaay south of the river riders here? I’m new to the fixie idea and have a frame here ready for my to hook into my first fixie project. Looking forward to getting out for a spin soon. May have to bring the geared mtb in the meantime though.


I’m south of the river… but i live in burswood ha ha!!

Get that bike done up and come join us in town dude. Only an hour drive from Mandurah!

Yeah HLC I work up in Forrestfield so I’m used to hiking up there anyway. Will get the elbow grease out and hook into the fixie asap

There is a small but keen bunch of fixed riders down this way (Rockingham and south) and a few of them are on here. You missed a good day of Mandurah fixed riding not long ago at all. The Tour De Mandurah attracted around a dozen for the day and Michael from the Avanti Superstore in Rockingham is in the process of organising another one soon for down south riders.

Keep an eye out on here for the next event.


I saw the pub crawl was well received as well.

Was a sensational day!

i live and ride in mandurah :slight_smile: