MAPEI Cycling Cap — FOUND.

This was left at a cafe on Saturday —
I assume that the owner will know which cafe that was. Aparently there were a small group of people, with “hip cool bikes”, according to the staff, so I thought at least one of them would lurk on this forum and would know who’s it is.

Contact me —

Were you scared to touch it? Was every individual fibre sort of coated, encapsulated if you will, in hair grease? Did it appear to be almost waterproof because of same? Because it could be shortsies.

i want a mapei cycling hat. have been looking for ages…

unless you have an aversion to using evilBay:

aye matey that i do. cbf setting up account etc… and don’t trust it, as good as i am sure it is and know people have used it that i know just yeh. don’t like it at all. never really bought of the net. except for on here because i know that everyone on here is legit.

you won’t have any problems buying a cap off that guy, he sells millions.

funny, cunt.