Maps with elevation help

Just got the map for the Ride to Conquer Cancer for next weekend. It’s been supplied in Google maps… Myself and XCX would like to see the elevation of the course so to have the best bet a picking the best gearing for the ride and if the map were on this site say Route: Brisbane River Loop | we could see the profile.

Dose anyone know if you can import a “google map” into some other site that has profiling? Failing that I’m just gonna have to punch the route into bike map myself, huff. Cheers boys n girls :smiley:

google earth (on pc, the app wont do it)

Advanced user guide

Elevation profile

Explore the elevations of a particular path through the Elevation Profile. To start, either draw a path or open an existing one. Once you’ve chosen a path from the Places panel, there are two ways to see its Elevation profile. Either go to Edit > Show Elevation Profile, or right-click on your path from the Places panel and select Show Elevation Profile. An Elevation Profile will appear in the the lower half of the 3D Viewer as shown below:

The Y-axis of the chart displays the elevation, and the X-axis of the chart displays the distance. When you move the cursor through the various parts of the Elevation Profile, the arrow moves along your path and displays the elevation (left side of arrow) and cumulative distance (above the arrow). The % number displayed represents the % grade or slope.

If you’d like to select a specific portion of the path, hold the left-click button on your mouse while you move the cursor over the desired area, then release the button. This metrics above the line chart will then be displayed for this specific part of the path, and the graph will automatically highlight this section.

To change the metrics’ scale between feet and meters, select Tools > Options and select your preference under the category Show Elevation.

Cheers man, but no luck. I cant seem to save the route and export it or import it to the google earth app! Tried doing it through the “my places” bit with no luck either.

yea, i think importing maps is only available in earth pro which you have to pay for. i was planniung my routes through earth which made it easier

OK so just incase anyone cares I used these instructions here Can’t export to KML from Google Maps? Here’s a workaround. | Google Earth Blog and was able to get the map from g-maps to g-earth and then the “show elevation profile” doesn’t work anyway. And I’m on mac rowan D!!

No wait, I did it. Using the edit menu blah blah blah > no godd but if you just right click on the route you can select elevation profile there. Hooray :slight_smile:

dont know how i did it or if its right but here it is.