Mario's Cycling Parts shop

Was recently trawling ebay and came across a seller in the Netherlands. He has an Ebay store which has a huge range of NOS stock it seems. I have only had a quick look at a few of the things. Not sure if any of the prices are a good deal but thought it was worth sharing. I did a quick search and couldnt find anything posted.
Let me know if anyone has come accross this guy on Ebay or bought stuff.
eBay Australia Shop - MARIO’s CYCLING PARTS SHOP: 3ttt, Cinelli, saddles


i bought some brake levers of him, stuff came quickly and as described

King Mario is the fucking best!

I bought a stack of stuff from him a few years ago and the parcel took 2 months to arrive. In the meantime we both thought it must’ve been lost. So he sent another parcel with all the stuff I ordered that he still had stock of, and refunded me for the stuff he didn’t have. Each parcel was worth over $400.

As it happened, the original parcel turned up shortly after, so I paid him for everything and just sold the bits I didn’t need.

Anyway, he’s a top fucking guy! :slight_smile:

Is the stuff he has on ebay the only stuff he has? or can he get other NOS parts in and even modern components?

Great find, definitely bookmarking Mario.
(does he have a time machine or something??)

He’s a good guy and in my dealings with him I’ve noticed he’s a sucker for Gios. If you find a nice 57/58cm Gios frame and it’s a wrong size for you or not your scene pitch it at Mario for a trade and I’m sure you’ll have all manner of NOS parts coming out your ears :wink: