Marmite back on the shelfs

So went to my local IGA and look what was on the shelf,

I see Rose’s Lime Marmalade there…did you spot any of the Blood Orange one? It seems to have disappeared down here.

Even a small IGA will shit over the big 2 in terms of range.

The big one only stock what they want you to buy and can make a huge margin on. But I will go into any IGA or Asian supermarket just to see what goodies lurk within.

Yep, no more getting people to bring it back from NZ.

Yo Dayne! These just released through Woggle Bro, you know you want to, would match your Rapha knicks maaaaaaaan

Hey guys there’s also a new frame builder on the shelfs
Ferriveloci Milano | Handmade Bike Frames


man I’ve had too much coffee

Let me guess, it’s Italian?

I’ve seen it in two IGAs in the past week or so in Melbourne (Brunswick and Southbank). But it is harder to find…

You know that’s a different Marmite, right?

UK marmite is the worst kind of marmite.

worse than vegemite and promite and dare i say it, vegespread.

Couldn’t agree more. Rose’s Marmalade definitely is the best spread belonging to the ‘marm’ family though. Black coffee and marmalade on toast.

you put black coffee on your toast?

No, I put black coffee and Rose’s Marmalade on my toast.

ahh, sounds legit.

Bovril is the best out of the UK by far.

bovril isn’t a yeast spread but.

Vegemite or GTFO.

TC: Never tasted marmite, is it really as good as they say?

Thats probably why it tastes better than marmite, it’s amazing on toast with melted butter.