MASH Histogram vs Leader Kagero...

Kagero vs. Histogram (Prolly Is Not Probably)

What’s with all the Leader hate in the comments? Have I missed something horrible they’ve done?

it’s proably due to the fact that many people feel that they’ve simply copied the mash and stuck their own logo on it.

Strip the paint off of the mash, did they really do anything groundbreaking either?

They’re MASH. That’s enough.

true, but mash can be credited for popularising that style of frame, so the majority of people would view it as the original/one that was being copied

Patrick (PC’s) “response”.

Prolly: Kagero vs. Histogram | Oct 2011

Also, I think they’re both nice frames and would comfortably ride either.

Maybe I’m the only Corporal Klinger here then.

I have a mash, and would easily ride a kagero, they look pretty nice and I expect would ride very similar as well.

Both nice frames. Honestly neither brands created the Lo Pro frameset or rested headbadges which most people are calling the Kagero out for. Most peoples arguments make seriously NO sense because 1. they haven’t ridden either frames 2. they don’t understand basic geometry 3. they base way to of there own opinions from reading blogs and forums.

I have ridden both the Kagero, Mash Histogram and Mash Bolt. All nice frames in there own right.

I had a mash and now have a leader, can’t tell any difference in ride quality. I would go with the mash histo for its paint job (matte black).

Oh shit, two frames designed for the same thing look similar? Has anyone in the street-fixed scene ever looked at any other variety of cycling? There’s carbon copies of everything.

But MASH invented the pursuit geometry?? :wink:

True. Most people into bikes wouldn’t know shit about bikes.

i am a perfect example of this.

at the risk of beration, i had this to say on prolly, so here it it

one thing i havn’t seen is any documenting of the development of kagero. and i want to differentiate from hype too, cos they’ve both got that in crest-fulls.
the weld finishing is nice on the kagero but there’s honesty in the mash not smoothing over them.
kagero geo is a touch slacker, but then for a street bike its going to be preferable for lots of people, consciously or not.
fork/headtube on the mash is nicer i think, maybe thats what you get when you develop it from scratch.
i ride a mash, and i havn’t ridden a kagero, nor have i ridden enough other alu lopro bikes to find or warrant changing to something different. i do think the low frames are pretty sexy, as are affinity, but when i was in the market i found a mash.
the kagero isn’t going to be better than any other alu lopro frame, nor probably will it be worse.
i wouldn’t say no to a kagero.
i would find room for a low though.
and an affinity.
both in fact.
so the comparison? geo wise, its not uncommon for two different people to come to the same conclusion given a problem, we often reward people with doctorates for spending years proving someone elses theory, do we not?
i think its good that they had a crack, and are taking it up to the big boys, if they had got it to market for less then it would have been a runaway success, but then it’s also a collabo so i say by definition it’s been priced/positioned to be exclusive, as is the mash, just that the mash has the weight of cinelli behind it.
if leader release this frame/geo as a tp7xxxx whatever in a year or so then i’d give it a go, but i’ll give anything with a sloping tt a go
let your fingers do the walkin and your pedallin do the talkin


well fuck me in the eye, a bike that looks like another bike.

They both look like my old Steamroller… except not a shitty, brown colour.