Mash SF 2015


Man those places all look amazing…

OMG fixies are the coolest. I should get one


*Summer Of Flapping Flannel. You heard it here first.

No bus touching?

What’s a fixy?

I must admit a) it looks nice and b) I want to chuck some wide risers on a brakeless track bike.

I like.

moccos, ahead of the curve as always…

Must be a Rhys thing: Rhys of the big calves had super wide rizors on his Fuji Tarck back in 2k9.

this is sweet but to me the Mash spirit is 36cm track bars. Didn’t see many of them and thus we can say that the spirit of 2006 is still elusive.

i’d forgotten how much i like lightning bolt…that’s a bit of a flashback in itself

I’m looking forward to this.

I never worked out what MASH actually means

Looks sweet. I must admit that the most fun I’ve had on a bike recently has been flying around canberra brakeless with a set of risers on. Probably due to the fact that I ride that bike when the sun is either rising or setting over a pretty spectacular lake, and I’m yet to get to work which means I’m not angry yet…or I’ve left work and no longer have to deal with that shit for the day.

Still, this will be great. I went to the mash store last year and the guys I met in there were all proper dudes.


someone have a screening. or tell me when it goes on torrent

Monkey anal sex, Horatio.

Man crush

Adz gets it. Hawkeye Pierce is one of the great characters of television.