Mash SF x Cinelli Frame

Anyone getting this frame from the state? $850USD each + Shipping

Check this out:

looks like any other alum bike :?

Pretty sweet with the full build though.

With slopping top tube…and columbus Airplane tubing. That’s about it.

You wont be cool, at least 100 are pre ordered in the state.

looks really ugly to me…

I do love oversized tubing, it gives you so much more room to paint some nice graphics. That said it’s a pity they haven’t done so in this case :-(. I would have liked to see the Cinelli logo on the top tube towards the seat and a MASH logo across the down tube.

Go to the link and build one up, you can spec it up with Mavic IO… Would that make me cool :? :wink:,6654.0.html

What type of bars are these?

They look like a bullhorn version of the Cinelli RAM dropbar.

It was definitely the nicest track bike at the show and they were up against the likes of Colnago, Pinarello, De Rosa and others. We would expect nothing less from the likes of Benny Gold, Mike Martin and Garrett Chow.

C’mon? Get your hand off it. Tell me you wouldn’t prefer one of these?

I’ve got the Cinelli Vigorelli and it’s pretty nice. The oversized tubing is effective being very stiff. I think the S-works Specialized track is exactly the same in terms of tubing and geometry.
This MASH frame looks very similar to the Vigorelli. I would say they are the best looking aluminium frames around.

I think they used Columbus Airplane tubing, same with the Vigorelli. Additionally I think Cinelli no longer made in Italy anymore, I wonder where is their OEM factory.

Definately :smiley:

The sticker on my bike says ‘Made in Taiwan’

available from the heist… pre-order are being taken now…
$1200 aud

Awesome bike, shit stem.