MASH x Cinelli bartape

I’m digging this. I’d been keen for black with grey or white lines.


has mash done anything that isn’t dope as hell?
want one of the new frames so hard

Fuck yeah. They must’ve heard me…

The cork tape looks nice too.

Cinelli tape is always great. I’ll tell you what is not great… Deda chrome tape it is the crappest most difficult tape to work with I have ever used. My plan was to double wrap with fizik microtex on top so the silver showed through the little holes. I threw out a mangled heap of chrome crap tonight after swearing at it for an hour. Used some old benotto tape for the under layer instead

Following the theme of contour lines…

One side is crystal clear, and allows for your phone to function through the pouch. This includes making, and receiving calls.

This is interesting. Talking through an impermeable membrane. I wonder if it actually works… Or maybe only with the loudspeaker option…

impermeable membrane? if you can hear people fucking through a concrete wall, i’m sure you can hear talking thru a piece of gladwrap

Just wanted to say impermeable membrane…

Impermeable membrane.

I remember sitting in my caravan one night, light on because I was reading xl girls, and I totally heard lasers man. I think they were coming from the train-tracks 50m away.
It was pretty creepy, yet pretty awesome.
And I was hearing that shit through TIN.
Maybe i should get some impermeable membrane for my walls.

How cheap is the acid in Narre Warren Dylan

Depends who you go to.
Meth’s growing in popularity.