Masters Series with GEFSCO [3-5 March] Fitters Workshop

Pushies Galore presents ‘Master Series with Gefsco’, a special event featuring master frame builder Geoff Scott. The event, being a first of its kind, will be held over the weekend beginning March 3rd in Canberra, Australia.

Geoff’s career, spanning over three decades, has seen the engineering, design and development of frames that have been ridden internationally, including bikes built for Australian gold medal winning Olympic and Commonwealth Games teams.

The ‘Master Series with Gefsco’ will include two nights of talks and displays about Geoff’s history, experiences in frame building and his personal collection, a group ride around Canberra with Geoff Scott and a Show n’ Shine, open to handbuilt Gefsco, Geoff Scott and Clamont branded frames.

Head over to the Event Page for details and tickets. There is a lot of work going into to putting this weekend on. Heaps of unique bikes on display and of course Geoff will be talking which in itself if well worth the ticket price! Hoping a few FOA folks can make it along.

Still haven’t decided if i’m going to come down yet… really should I suppose.

Wow! awesome Gypsy! Looks great!



Is anyone from melbourne who has a spare seat coming up for this and would consider giving me a lift back from canberra to melbourne?

Anyone want to do dinner + beer on Friday night before hand?
We could do Durham Arms, Brodburger or anything else.

I’d be up for that. Been a while since I went to the Durham.

In for beers

So meet at the Durham from 5pm?

BTW, I’ve not received anything from them, email confirmation, link to program, times, nothing.
I can look up the info on the net but hey, it’s a bit thin. Hope ole mate will be entertaining at least.

Bigadz: yes.

Me neither.
Not very confidence inspiring