Mavic Ellipse 2010 + 19T Sprocket

hey there guys, just got a couple of quick questions.

mavic ellipse 2010 (all yellow decals):
what size tyres can they fit?
CRC says the 2010 fit 19-28c, ibut i cant find any info from mavic. can anyone verify this? just dont want to get a pair of tyres that wont fit

19 tooth sprocket:
just me being picky, but i’d like 19t sprocket, that isnt a soma/surly. miche and dura ace only go up to 18 from what i can see. any ideas?

^ Chris King or Phil

i ran 20s, 21s and 23s on mine. you should be able to get larger tyres on them, but if you want to, perhaps you don’t need ellipses…

Phil Wood

Phil Wood SLR

Euro Asia Imports

alrighty, 23c it is!
i’ll also consider getting a phil wood, even if they are a bit pricy
oh, and B1, i noticed that the images you posted were all actually 19t, i appreciate that

Surly go up to 22.

Note also that Mavic Ellipses have a weird chainline - 45mm instead of your more common 42. You’ll want a BB you can adjust for best results (you might already know this)

And lockring.

yep, thanks guys, i’ve already done my research on those parts
why does mavic have to be so different though
crazy french

And if you break a spoke, be prepared to not ride the wheel for several weeks :wink:

if you’re as inept as me, you’ll manage to break a lockring tightening it up…

roselli cogs, I’ve got a 19 tooth one

i had to use a spacer, even with a dura ace sprocket.