mavic ellipse + gatorskins - $185 BIN free shipping

mavic ellipse pista track wheelset | eBay

cheappppppp. provided they’re not too buggered

did i need them? nope! oh well

you are a prisoner to consumption

farkin bargain.

benzy411…not the benzy from here?

Pretty sure they were benzy’s, his fillet blazed Perkins has a thread too

he did say he was going to list them… i guess he did.

these ellipses were once mine.

He should have put owned by XBBX in the description, would have got way more.

Counteracts the whipskidz devaluation.

i was going to add “and are in excellent condition,” but then i remembered they’d been owned by benzy for a couple of years…

Why, is this analogous to “one old female owner”? Fullsickburn.