Mavic MA3, Open Pro etc etc.......

I am aware of the good rap that Open Pros have, but has anyone got MA3’s.

Rims will be used for Commuting and Cyclocross…

Also in the words of Forest Gump: “i am not a light man” (yes i know it was ‘smart’, but work with me here)

Also other suggestions welcome (except for ‘get fucked CraigC’, I am aware of that one)…

I would race on MA3’s, and have done so, but nothing beats the open pros. Not much price differnence.

If you already have MA3’s, get the rear tied and soldererd.

MA3s are ok if you have to use them, I prefer MA2s by a mile

better lower the tone then Nexus, FUCK YOU!!! :wink:

Got MA3s on me SS Cecil Walker commuter. Ain’t had no problems with them. I too am not a small man.

Note: Please don’t type swear words at me. I am a Caring Understanding Nice Type and may be offended.

Just read a thread on about a guy riding a bike without a helmet. He was ceremoniously hung, drawn and quatered. Poor bugger probably just got up early and forgot it.

Point is, it’s nice to be able to come somewhere and be told to FUCK OFF !!


Fuck off Tony.