Mavic Wheel Spare Parts

Hi guys,

After destroying my front rim in a crash yesterday i’ve been looking around on the net for anywhere that sells relpacement mavic rims (& spokes). The model is Mavic Ksyrium SLR (2013), and short of ordering directly from Mavic themselves, I have found very limited options for rims.

I was wondering if anyone else has had any experience with this, and if so, how did you go.

I am currently getting a quote from the LBS who are dealing directly with Mavic, but they have told me that it is likely to be the same price as buying a new wheel, which I am not that happy about.

With proprietary wheel systems like that I reckon you’re shit outta luck.
Maybe give Starbike or Bike24 a try, or keep your eyes open for someone selling a front wheel on its own.

Hmm, i suspected as much.

Don’t think i’ll be straightening this one out.

You’d think any 18 hole rim would work, right? I pulled the hub out of my cracked Ksyrium rear, and saved the spokes, in the vain hope that I can re-lace it into something in the future. But the more I think about it, the more I reckon it’s destined to be a paperweight.

Ever seen any 18 hole rims for sale aftermarket?

Couple 700c ones on eBay. There’s a silver Mavic Ksyrium rim for sale on there too.

The only place i found was Glory Cycles

Mavic Ksyrium SLR Replacement Rims

with shipping it is over $300, then plus new spokes, build labor, I think I’m best looking for a deal on a new front that sort of matches.

24mm Tubular Carbon Bike RIM 700C Carbon Fibre Bicycle Racing Rimset | eBay

Can order in 16-36H across their whole range.

Can I ask how it happened? looks like you might have gone over the bars…you ok?

Yeah I ended up over the bars.

I caught the edge of a storm drain when trying to stay left on a bit of road where there was no bike lane. I remember hitting something quite solid at about 35kph and then getting sent into a cartwheel (It was 5am so was probably half asleep and didn’t see it coming). I suspect the front wheel got caught in a gap left by our friendly road maintenance crews between the concrete pre-fabbed drain and the bitumen.

I’m hoping the only other damage was to the front brifter which looks like it’s been attacked with an angle grinder. The rest of the bike is in at BMCR currently getting checked out.

I escaped with only a few cuts and grazes, but still spent some time in the ED getting wounds scrubbed free of gravel etc. Fun times.


Glad you are (relatively) ok.

mavic use proprietary spokes with proprietary nipples that screw into a proprietary thread in their proprietary rims. no other spoke will actually hold on the front hub safely either.

mavic don’t build wheels to be serviceable, they build them to be light race wheels for light riders who will bin them after a salty ride (one year on beach road is enough to render a aluminium ksyrium wheelset useless through spoke/nipple seizure) or a crash.

long story short, it will be cheaper to get a new front wheel after all the fuck around from mavic (i know how much mavic rims and spokes cost…a lot).

Fair call. I’m approaching this more from looking at my set (2006 Ksyrium), which use straight pull and alu nipples. No threading in the rim or hub. The 2013’s might be different.

Basically Mavic build ‘wheel systems’, not wheels. Armholes.

Yeah this sucks. Classic proprietary wheel problem. Sell the wheel as-is on ebay and recoup a small bit of cash?

Thinking of pulling the wheel apart, selling the hub and the non scratched to shit (from the off) spokes on ebay, then buying a new front. Unfortunately, again, only a handful of retailers sell the fronts seperately. Do love the black on black with my bike, so short of buying a new whole wheelset, this seems the best approach.