max looking somec?

pretty much matches the one i’ve got, but mine’s in cromor
might buy it to match. just for fun.


^ Insane. You’d put your money on Max, wouldn’t you?


sick! crap this is my size and i’ve been drueling for a somec and a max roadie for ages now. hmmm thanks for posting it up

what’s shipping for you guys? it’s $35 to boston.
which is ace.

Well if you don’t want it could you forward it over :wink: it’d be about $100-$150 AUD

jimmy…you may get influx of PMs depending how you answer this one…hahah

Seller isn’t shipping out of the US and Canada.

He’s already helped me out and been burned by the process.

And it won’t be “$100-150”. It’ll be closer to $35 to Jimmy, + ~$50 to ground freight it to a freight forwarder (or just ship direct to the forwarder…), then another ~$300 to courier it to Oz. Maybe less if it’s packed really tight.

The only good deals out of the US are when the seller has an account with a freight company and passes on the good rates / absorbs some of the cost.

i got dibs first, all the other giants can suck a phat one

yeah, bringing blakey’s pegerotti over was a mild annoyance, but he well and truly deserved a favour from someone.

if i were to do it the cheapest option would be to bring it with me when i come back for a holiday at christmas. and whoever pays the extra baggage fees (probably only $50 for the first leg…lax-melb shouldn’t cost anything) and shipping to me.
if someone cares enough to wait 5 months, and cover the random costs, and beats me in the auction…shoot me a pm.

I msged this to a mate a couple of days ago he contacted the seller and he won’t post outside the USA
Like Blakey said, my Tommasini cost about $300 in shipping using a freight forwarder and that was with a great packing job.
If you send it privately using dhl, FedEx ect expect to pay closer up $600

It really rules out buying frames from the USA unless its your dream frame because I predict this to go for $800 so about $1100 min delivered. The last one I bought from Colorado I had my folks pick up on holidays.

All depends who you ship through. I frequently receive frame sets from the USA, 2 per box and its no where near $300.

Possible mini max frame? Either way, that’s some ugly work on the dropouts.

And I’ve had a frameset shipped for $100 by UPS in a standard sized frame box, ended up being fulfilled by auspost, but the point I’m making is that that’s not a walk-in rate, a freight forwarder will be $$$ and Jimmy doesn’t have access to bulk rates either.

If you have a cheap shipping company that anyone here can use to get stuff collected from US addresses and deliver to Oz, I’m all ears!

I hear you Blakey. It all depends on the person forwarding your frame. USPS fulfilled by Australia Post is this cheapest way and very doable. Custom boxing on the senders end is also helpful, but can be annoying.

You get your frames from a supplier, they have a bulk shipping rate far below a seller on eBay can do.

$309 US is still cheappp. anyone nab it?

Yeah my mate in Brisbane that I first showed it too.

not max obviously, but one closer to home… Columbus SL Steel Road Frame | eBay