May 5th Coffee Crawl - BNE/SYD/MEL/PER

Anyone game to hit every cafe from 730am onwards? In Jittery Joes team kit preferably :-o

(Cannot vouch for quality of coffee from these vendors, stick to reputable dealers for a proper fix.)

Yeah why not. 6 coffee’s before work could be dangerous


  1. Cafe on Bourke, 50 Bourke St
  2. Squisito Cafe, QVB / Artemis Ln
  3. Klik Cafe, 300 La Trobe St
  4. Beetroot, 123 Hardware St
  5. Bank Place food store, 433 Little Collins St
  6. Cafe 34, 34 Queen St

( or 3, 6, 2, 5, 1, 4 for the ultra-satanic edition :evil: ) [color=Yellow]!UOY SEVOL NATAS[/color]

Great idea! I think a different coffee should be had at each outlet (in particular disorder): ristretto, capuccino, macchiato, cafe latte, espresso and a flat white.

i like the coffee influenced google maps blue line

alex4point0 do you plan not to sleep until 2012?

I’m up for the Brisbane 4-stop crawl, will post up a meet time and place soon.

We will all sleep in 2012. I mean July.

I reckon the 100 cups of coffee episode of Futurama was a quiet dig at Scientology, particularly, the Narconon programme (pdf).

Via slashot: [i]The LD50 (lethal dose, 50% occurance) of caffeine administered orally in humans is 192 mg/kg. Meaning that a 70kg (150lbs) person who ingests 13.44g of pure caffeine has a 50% chance of survival. Since the standard cup of drip coffee has 150 mg of caffeine (a shot of espresso has substantially less) a 70kg individual would have to ingest 89.6 cups in once sitting to reach the 50% survival dose.

89.6 cups is a lot of volume so it is unlikely that one could drink that much at once. The question posed was whether 100 cups in 24 hours would be fatal. Since the metabolic half life of caffeine is 4 hours, this problem becomes a little more complicated. Assuming the 100 cups were spaced evenly throughout the 24 hour period (one each 14.4 minutes), we can calculate the total caffeine in the bloodstream at any time durring the 24 hour period.

At one cup every 15 minutes, the level of caffeine reaches an equilibrium with the rate of degradation around cup #70 with a blood level of 2.4g – much less than the LD50 of 13.4g. Even if you were drinking a cup every 5 minutes, the blood level would stabilise around 7.2g – in the danger zone but still likely survivable especially with medical attention.

Caffeine is a diuretic (makes you pee) and so your biggest risk would likely be dehydration. But that’s another story entirely.[/i][br]Hail Satan! I mean, Allah ahuackbar! I mean, Praise “Bob!”[br][color=red]!UOY SEVOL NATAS[/color]

Un petit besoin, GPO, 9am? ‘Centurion’ roller derby? Do coffee tasters spit like the wine boffins do? Should I have another coffee? Did I pay a guy in Texas $30 to ride his UFO? So many questions.