maybe its just me, forum doesnt work sometimes

does anyone else have an issue with the forum where it becomes non responsive when the back button (or left swipe of mousepad) is used?
Running a mac 10.9.2, and google chrome. basically whenever i press or swipe back the page loads but nothing is clickable. I have to refresh for anything to work.

is this just me? probably. it’s very sad making.

i have had the same issue. nothing is clickable. works when i refresh the page. i’m using windows 7 and google chrome


Common denominator been cheap ₪₪₪₪s using windows 7 and google chrome…

didn’t you leave the forum in a hissy fit because someone pointed out your bike wasn’t as expensive as you were pretending it was?

you cheap …

Well I’m real sure the details of that you’ll never know a.davis12, good too see your still a smarmy little bitch though…

I seem to have hit a nerve.

You wish girl friend :rolleyes:

Thought i was the only one.

Same. OS 10.6.8. Chrome.

Have to manually refresh to make links clickable.

no issues for me. using safari on iPhone & chrome on MacBook.

I’ll let Nickj know, but things like this are often hard to fix I think.

Same for me with Windows and Chrome at work. I think its Chrome not OS or Windows.

Yep same yesterday with windows and Mozilla. Was good not too waste another Friday arvo at work (almost)

So this is what it’s like when doves cry.

It’s been going on for a while (months) and has been discussed before. Something about the Facebook like thing at the top of the page. You can disable it somehow and it stops happening. Something like that anyway. I just open what I want to read in a new tab. Not perfect, but works. will solve problem

I’ve never experienced this issue on Macosx Firefox, Chrome, or Safari, however, I have just removed the FB Like button as an experiment. Let me know if issues continue.

Thanks that Tom. Thats a great app.

Yep, that’s what I found too - sometimes the fb button takes a touch longer to load than the rest of the page and it seems to throw everything else on the page out. My initial thought was the block the fb icon goes into gets a bit of extra height as it’s rendering and then shrinks slightly again, and the jump around in height seemed to block out the links on the page. But then I never checked it out properly, i get enough of this sort of thing at work. I’ve seen it on Win7/Chrome and Win8/Chrome.

On a related note, if you’re looking at stuff like this - I’ve also noticed sometimes on Android/Chrome, the lag in loading the fb icon on the thread listing shifts everything down a second or so after the rest of the page has loaded - usually just as I click a link, resulting in me getting whatever thread is a couple lines above.

this was exactly my experience.
I installed a (no longer available) chrome extension that allows me to select bits of any web page and prevent them from loading

P.S. this was several months ago