Mc Bain

from that bloke in tassie who always has shit, an actual Mc Bain?

arrgh cant see ebay at work farkin.

watching this. anyone know if it’s actually mcbain?

mine isnt :wink:

farkn hell they still using inches down in tassie?

My size! On it! Yahoo!!!

Anyone wanna buy my mcbain

Looks a bit longer than a 54/55 though… Not sure if I should…


farkin fark farkk fark

Who knows? Drilled track ends are a ‘common’ McBain trait, but these are strangely half drilled. The pantos (for want of a better word) on the top of the fork crown are almost identical to another frame the same seller had when I picked up some bars off him, and I though that was a very McBain frame, but then it had an ‘L’ cutout in the bottom bracket (Launceston?).

I’ve never seen those contoured seat stay ends on a McBain, but that doesn’t mean much.

Similar alleged McBains are here and here, but I suspect the latter is not a McBain.

I could not say the frame was built by Kevin McBain

I don’t think Kevin built any frames, Frank McCallum was McBain’s frame builder…as far as I know.

I really want to know where Nigel finds all his stuff. Surely he could have doubled his exposure by putting ‘McBain’ in the title?

Confirmed with the seller that this is 55cm ctc top tube. Which is bigger than I want… So get on it FOA!

i think i might bid!


Very nice, very cheap! Shame it wasn’t a 54!

so who got it? anyone here?

i lost