McDonalds ad and sourdough transportation

Does anyone else think the stack of coins on the Maccas ad for some special value meal looks like a headset?

Does anyone know if it’s OK to travel with sourdough starter across state boarders? I’m a lover of agriculture and would hate for ACT high powered yeast to make its way into Victoria and do some damage. Can yeast get out of sourdough starter?

Asking the big questions this morning.

use the search function

if yeast can cause an infection then yeast can do anything.

What sort of yeast will clean/wash my car?

the kind that gets into beer and then into my stomach and that.
I’d do almost anything for a beer when I really, really want one.

Each state has its own sourdough starter laws. I’d check carefully first.

this should be in the help sub forum

The ‘sourdough’ buns that McDonald’s use, are not really a true sourdough. They are more of a hybrid sourdough creation to make the masses believe that McDonald’s is healthy.

You would be suprised at the amount of people that go in to Restaurants asking for a Grand Angus because it’s the healthy option. Apart from the big ass slab of processed mince meat that weights 1/3 of a pound.

but its a little bit fancy!

some generous use of the term ‘restaurant’ there


I couldn’t taste the difference between the Grand Angus and any other regular cheap ass burger. All from the same sausage machine as far as I’m concerned… did like the slightly soaked red onion though, really took the nasty edge off…

Oh sorry I just admitted I ate MacDonalds- does that get me a life ban?

It’s lips & ballbags isn’t it? :stuck_out_tongue:

We aren’t supposed to refer to them as ‘stores’ anymore lol

Not Shmancy?

I ate it on Thursday night. I feel your pain.