Mckenny & HMC united at Warby Cup Day Ride Was: Vote for Damoh/COG Cafe

This thread is now about sexy fun times on the Warby Trail with HMC & Mckenny.

Damoh is a great guy, COG Bike Cafe is everything a ‘cycling cafe’ should be.

Here’s the comp:

Here’s how to vote:

(Or just SMS 0427272453 with COG BIKE and your name)

Don’t let Little Mule or any other shite cafe with tenuous cycling links win!

done via sms

Done and I think a ride out there is called for.


I never knew it existed until a few of us stumbled upon it riding one weekend. Very cool place.

Melbourne cup day!

great idea! group warby trail ride??

We did this two years ago. It was rad.

I did that ride, felt good. But there’s a track day at Winton that weekend…
Anyway, voted.

maybe this cup day, we can all do it again.

also, i think that was the first time i met you, james.

yeh it was. I remember saying hi, and explaining that i was HMC on the forum.

You just looked me up and down and said “I can tell.”

Done, Wtf has 7seeds got to do cycling

i’d love to vote, but i really don’t want BV to spam my phone. can i vote online?

Wait, phone spam? Fuck my life!

i have been struggling with my heterosexuality ever since that day, james.

Sadly there’s no online voting, I didn’t even receive a confirmation sms back.

(To be fair 7S is pretty darn bike friendly). SLC would have been a worthy addition too.

HMC with hair, Mckenny, Benzy:

And here’s BB showing his class how to change a flat:

And a very flattering photo of nikcee

(Get 7 cars!)

On the card I got from cog, it said voting ended at 5pm yesterday. I voted shortly before then, yet still didn’t receive a confirmation back.

i think blakey’s right and that SLC should’ve got a mention…

anyway, i think this thread should be renamed the “mckenny and HMC reunited tour” and we should all be made to attend.

Stealin my ideas, glory hog?

I waited for you to do something! Hoary glog?