Mclennan P34

Here is my new track frame ready to head off for paint. Forgotten how to post a photo up here so hoping this works!

Hang on, looks like that may have worked. So here is another shot. Columbus seat and down tubes, Dedaccai tt, 4130 rear end and hand machined, stainless rear dropouts.

Diggin’ it.

What you doing for the paint? Hope its something glitsy, with flake or interference pigment or something.

Originally it was going to have twin 19mm top tubes. That wasn’t to be but typical of Tarn’s left of centre thinking so I thought of the Tyrell P34 F1 car of the early 70s which had twin front wheels on either side. Therefore the colour scheme will be the same as the Tyrells of that era. A lovely rich blue with some white and yellow bits here and there the basic design by Adam Leddin of Cycle Exif. The headbadge is by Meg Lofts of Eyedeer Graphic Design. Cheers

Are you 3’2"?

5’11" why?

Blonde? Brunette? ASL?

must like seat post

Jeez Guys don’t, I’m blushing

Is this a primate frame?

Yep, built by Tarn.