me - backpack - europe - where?

ok. i am bored. melbourne is killing me. doing the same shit all the time is killing me. I have just come out of being with someone for four years and would like to meet a bunch of new people and just generally have some fun.

i want to travel. I am looking at heading to europe, as america bores me and i don’t feel like going to asia or africa.

i have two real options:
first is i head over for about 3 weeks in the middle of the year. this option is good because i won’t have to make my already 5.5 year long course a 6 year course. this is bad because it is for 3 weeks and i will blow a shitload on flights for not very long.

second option is i defer second semester and spend 3+ months over there. this is good because it is 3+ months. this is bad because my course gets longer. this is good because it is 3+ months

so who can recomend some places to go/see/stay? FWIW i don’t speak any languages other than english. just breifly looking and pointing i wouldnt mind going to spain/portugal, italy and possibly germany…oktoberfest anyone?


Go to Florence. It’s awesome.

+1 Berlin. Also particularly loved all of Spain, Prague, Budapest, Istanbul. Scandinavia is amazing, but expensive (although when I went the dollar was a lot weaker. Would recommend 3 months, or if you only go for 3 weeks, just go to a couple of places, dont make the mistake of trying to see too much in a little bit of time.

Ever been to Sth or Central America? Amazing.

I speak a little bit of spanish and that is it, and language was never an issue. Just be polite and don’t assume people speak english and try to say anything you can in the correct language. A little bit of effort goes a long way.

Eastern europe amazing old city’s cheaper than western europe and good looking ladies, I went out with a polish girl and had a blast traveling around with her. If you going to ride a bike you can’t miss Italy or France you get respect on the roads and they have the alps.

Eastern Germany.

Paris. But not on too much of a budget. Eat somewhere nice at least once. Its worth it.


Oktoberfest: -1 (Of all the things you could possibly do, you want to drink with Australians in Munich?)

Better yet: Do something INTERESTING. Staying in a backpackers in Europe is so… Fucking tedious.

Get a bike and ride the coast of Portugal from Porto to Lisboa eating dried fish and drinking Port. Or hitch a ride a on a drug boat across the Straight to Morocco and walk to Egypt… Just thinking out loud.

Will you promise to write a book on your adventures one day? please??? :slight_smile:

Not to put a dampner on it but you’ll kick yourself later when you delayed finishing the course. Coming out of long term relationships you’ll always find that you’re now free and you naturally want to do all those things you couldn’t when you were in the relationship. As tempting as it might be to pack up and disappear, leave behind problems and people, the course should be something you still want to do.

I’d take the 3 week break and go somewhere in Australia or NZ you havent been before, that way youll maximise the time, somewhere beautiful and remote, to get away from things, come back and get focused, finish things off have a plan to save for a massive 6 month trip and then do that. Just don’t be hasty because of the relationship, trust me, im going through the same thing now after 5+ years. Best of luck.

you are a smart man. thanks for the reality check. you’ve pointed me in the direction of doing something ive wanted to do for years. mods feel free to close this thread. ill open another one if and when my little adventure comes around.