Mechanic recommendations Adelaide

Odd question, but can anyone recommend a mechanic in Adelaide?
Mrs Schoolism has to take her car in for a service and Ford seem to charge the Earth and not really do alot.

I’ve seen other mechanics charging alot less for a logbook service but don’t wanna end up at some “Dodgy Bob McMaydays” haggling over the price of new tyres when it turns out I only needed an air freshener.

Any help would be appreciated.

I was going to suggest Bio-Mechanics or Treadly… But I’m 100% certain they don’t deal with cars.

what car is it?
I go to boostworx, although they are more of a performance place.
have you thought of servicing it yourself?

It’s a 2010 Ford Fiesta Zetec,
Ford want us to go there for every service and so far they’ve not been very helpful but very pricey.

I’d give servicing it myself a go, but when you consider it took me nearly forty five minutes yesterday to work out how to open the hood I’d say that’s not the best idea.

Buy a new car.

It’s tempting,
I want a ute

My other half has the same car, for her first service she got ford to do it, but they came to her work and did it. Real convenient and cost was the same as taking it in herself. K-Mart is where I go though, they’re always busy and don’t have time to do work that’s not necessary.
General rule is though, don’t let them replace wiper blades and little things like that you can do yourself with third party parts etc and you’ll pay the bare minimum which isn’t too bad.

considering it is pretty new, I’d just take it to Ford, just so you don’t have any issues with warranty

Always went to Motorlab corner of Edmund and Duthy Streets, Unley.
Great service and straight up.

At a bare minimum get it serviced by someone who is certified to sign your logbook. If you don’t your warranty won’t be worth a scratch and you’ll be screwed if something major lets go. Maybe try another Ford dealer.

Don’t listen to this guy! He doesn’t even drive! Haha.