Mechanic Recommendations

I’m heading back to Perth for a few weeks over Chrissy and want to get the Moser into tip top shape as soon as I arrive so I can give it a good work out.

Who good for servicing these in Perth these days. I’ll be staying in Cott and working at UWA so near to either of these would be a bonus.


lol how hard can it be to service your own bike?

Glen Parker is between UWA and Cott

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I’d rather be riding it as mush as I can

A lack of available tools would make it hard as as example…been in that situation before.

Its amazing what you can accomplish with a hammer and a set of allen keys

My Patio lulzzz

But that Moser has gears, so out of my depth of field. Took me like an hour to get a front der sorted :confused:

If you can’t fix it with a hammer and tie-wire it’s f*cked

Any mechanic in Perth except for Clownshoes.

i dunno… ‘if you cant duct it, f##k it’

i’d insist that duct tape is essential to any toolbox.

i’ll go one further and say you need three types: skinny black, fat grey and gaffa (any colour).

Maybe I should just file of all the braze-ons, cover it in gaffa tape and turn it into a sweet ghetto hipster fixe machine

I haven’t been to glen parker in about 25 years but it looks like they might have to do

They should be fine! Most of us would be more than happy to help out, we just mucking around. But i dont understand gears!!!

BTW, I finished fixing up that Repco that I got off you! Stripped, cleaned, repainted and fixed the rear wheel! I just left the derailleurs as is! No real adjustment required!!!

Good to hear about the repco. It served me well for a few years.

thanks for the offer but I’ll just drop it in at Glen Parker on the way to work my first day back.