Mechanical doping found!

I love it. So much cooler than EPO.

Probably best to have a separate thread anyway, stop clogging up the legitimate discussion.

^ Wait. There’s legitimate discussion on this forum?

only about things non-fixie related.

beer, sleepings bags, belts…

Her excuses dont sound very convincing… Interested to see how this develops

Come on, who hasn’t sold a bike to a friend, who then installed a secret motor in the DT, and then brought it to one of your races, left it in a place where it could be mistaken for your bike, and let your mechanic switch it accidentally for your bike?

Paddle craft, video games…

That belt thread was a real winner.

Look forward to hearing from this “friend” who we are yet to so far despite him apparently being there as per the above explanation.

And finding out if said friend happens to have the same bike fit as our young lass.

THIS. why do all these ‘friends’ just go into hiding immediately when it happens. especially when they train together so presumably they have ridden with others in a group. Belgium isn’t that big!

He’s shown up, says yeah it’s his bike but nothing else.

Meanwhile, another competitor claims that rumours/photos of the motorbike were getting around before the race. But who knows?

But seriously how do I get one of these bikes to smash around Centennial Park?

I love how the Fabian conspiracy is back again thanks to this- the number of youtube videos purporting to show evidence is hilarious

yeah i just saw that article on sporza…

Nikki Harris (UK CX champ) tweeted after Koppenberg cross that Femke was surprisingly quick up the K’berg but at the time suspicions seemed to be more about more traditional physical doping than mechanical.

she rides for a small team and has had a very good season, at a time when there’s a lot of flux and a jump to a ‘proper’ team would mean actually getting paid/proper support. lotta pressure out there…

It’s apparently been around the CX peloton for a while. That rumour is big in France, so I guess in Belgium too.


"Van den Driessche’s father and brother charged with stealing expensive birds”

I like how the branch follows the line of the arm perfectly. I assume this was planned.