Meet & Greet: with me!

Hello Canberrans,
I’m visiting your fair city this coming weekend. If any of you are around and have some free time, I’m meeting up with your very own Mayor for a beverage or two on Sunday night: feel free to come along and have a drink with us. It could well be a nice time.
Current plan is to meet at Bent Spoke at 6. Come along!

I’m a Melburnian, but just wanted to say that it makes me smile to see you and others on this here forum being open and welcoming to the idea of meeting new people like you do. Good stuff.

I don’t like meeting new people. I’m contractually obliged, as a moderator, to meet FOA members when I go to another city. One of the great hassles of being a mod, but with great power comes great responsibility.

I have the breathing exercises ready to go to ensure deep panic is avoided when ordering beer from Bentspoke. We will avoid the 16% this time.

Way to talk it up.

We’ll have you in bed by 8.30pm a la Sydney.

Ooh. This thread just got interesting.

To be fair, I’ll probably be in bed by 8. Lockout laws are meaningless if you never go out.

In bed because you panicked and ordered the strong beer again.

yes :frowning:

Damn, I’ll be missing out cos family weekend to the coast. If not you can be sure I’d have ordered the 16% beer.

Another Sydneysider heading to your fair town for the weekend, will be sans family this time.
I’m heading to Canberra to race cross this Sunday, aiming to get to bent spoke brewing on Friday night.
Also, Is capital brewing worth a visit?

Hey mate! Sorry I won’t be available on Friday night… but it was good to bump into you when you were at Bentspoke last time.

So Capital Brewery is cool, but I am not a fan of the beer.

Ah, i mean’t Saturday night anyway for bent spoke. (I’m heading down Saturday arvo)
i may swing past and have a look at capital on my way out of town on Sunday then.

Capital is well worth a visit and personnally I really like their beer(s). I recommend it.

Sorry mate, I’ve already got dinner plans. Might come and check out the race though