Meeting and 2013 SnS discussion

hey jerks

it’s been a while, you guys free for a catch up sometime in september?

chiiiiiiiiiips and drinks provided, talk about how we can make the SnS as good as last year, lock in categories etc etc.

monday 9th?
monday 16th?

7pm at EW?

don’t all shout at once.

i think i’m away that day.

if there’s no interest I’m cool with that, we can keep it to here.

that or me & Blakey can figure it out or somethin.

i’m free all arvo on the 9th. busy before/after lunch.

not really sure if a meeting is necessary. we can probably hash out the details in this thread, and on our own time.

I don’t think I have anything to contribute. I didn’t go to the last one so I don’t know what could be improved and I don’t have any skills at organising events, especially compared to others here.

fiiiiiine, I’ll just eat all the chiiiiiiips myself.

anyone look at the calendar then? was it working? no idea what thread I’m talking about?

the calendar is like the front page. noone uses it.

Rolly, I’ll come around Monday arvo and we can hash some stuff out. Probs ~3pm?

sweet as.

to clarify what i was saying last night - i still think we should have the same judges as last year, for consistency, but also a special guest judge of some well-known framebuilder or something.

There is no year to year consistency as we’re changing the categories a bunch too. And if ko/jdl want to enter bike(s) and be eligible for prizes then they’ll need to step down. (Last year I didn’t judge the step through category and scratched all of my bikes from eligibility and that still wasn’t popular with the crowd)

I would like some judging criteria sheets for each category though, some common criteria, and some specific to the cat, grade each item one on a 1-10 scale and total them up.

This isn’t the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, it’s just bikes in a shed.

and that whole CX thing is just riding our bikes around a park…

judging criteria: agreed wholeheartedly

jdl / ko entering: yep, figure they know that already.

popularity: blakey, you will always be popular with the FOA SNS crowd… and my heart.