[MEL] 2007 Australian Madison Championships - Sat 17 March

2007 Australian Madison Championships
Vodafone Arena, Sat 17 March, 7:00pm

…an evening of slinging good track madness!

Sucks to anyone who missed this one! it was AWESOME!!

MA - DI - SON!

(ma-LAY-jya! etc)

They rode at 50km/h for an hour?

Excuse me?


Yeah, it was awesome.

Bloody fast freaks

Twoos a night to remember, those Jayco boys were on fire :evil: Did get them to sign my program and i got to kiss their medals. (i’ll never wash these lips again)

Did anyone see the clown in the bar with a sparkling green hat? That was me, hehe.

Potentially had too much green dye that afternoon (along with beer). Now shiten green turds eeiiwwwww!

check it out!


I was there too :wink:


That was a storming win too - well done eddie

Love your work man :sunglasses: