[MEL] Anna Meares and Ryan Bayley @ DISC Mon. 8th Oct

Via CSV:

Cotter Pin is launching it’s coming season of events on Monday, 8th October 2007 by hosting Steve Jacobs and the TODAY Show production team at DISC.

Ryan Bayley and Anna Meares will also be there to show Steve a thing or two about track racing.

But we need you there to create some atmosphere, cheer Ryan and Anna on and general show Australia how much Melbourne loves it’s cycling!

Come dressed in your club kit. Bring club flags or banners. Bring you bike, you never know, the producers might want as many people on the track as possible!

Coffee and Croissants provided. There’ll be a chance to meet Ryan and Anna and get autographs. You might even win a 2XU Revolution kit just by coming along!

We’re hoping for 100 so get to bed nice and early, set you alarm and be part of the fun!

I’m going to head on down in my TC “original” t-shirt. Hope some of you can come along.

Anna Meares!!


oh and Ryan B. cool :slight_smile:

Dohh! i missed it.

hmm BGQ!

So what time is this supposed to happen?

I’m guessing really early in the morning?


From 6am

is this the formal event that was in the calender?

see you there nath

As much as I like track and the Today Show, there’s no way I’ll be up at that time! :evil:

You’ve changed :wink:

Just got an email from the organiser - 6am, bring your “whole kit” and get some secret training in.

Northcote REPREZENT!!!

pity you don’t have the skinsuit yet

I can only really think of one skin suit most people will be looking at.

C’mon the door was open, someone had to take the thread there :evil:

he’d scare the kiddies with ‘that’ skinsuit

What are you bastards talking about ? :evil:

I’d love to come but
it’s a pity eh.

Is she wearing golf gloves? No, surely not.

Probably, I’ve been advised to use golf gloves on the track too. They’re nice thin leather. As I’ve experienced from hitting the deck a couple of times on the boards, you don’t graze so much as burn. The hole in my knicks have melted plastic around the periphery from where the heat built up and eventually burn my skin undernear. Same thing goes for the hands, the leather won’t melt like synthetic gloves and thus protect you better.


ps I am uber jealous that you guys get to have a roll around with those guys.

It’s not everyday one has the opportunity to meet an Olympic Gold medalist (if that sort of thing floats your boat of course).
My dad has always stated this little ditty “Don’t cut your nose off to spite your face”.

I am thinking of heading down for this around 6am for a half hour or so, wont be riding though

My dad has always stated this little ditty “Don’t cut your nose off to spite your face”.

Oh, and it’s at 6am too :smiley:

Fair call :slight_smile:

Well, how was it?

I set my DVB box to record from 6-9am so if anyone got their dial on camera I can supply the footage.