[MEL] Anzac day ride?

Yep, sounds good I’ll see you at 8AM tomorrow then :slight_smile:

ah there we go… the details :slight_smile:

Fed Sq? Hmmmm… <A href=“http://www.melbourne.vic.gov.au/info.cfm?top=61&pg=757”>road closures</A>… shrugs

That would be for cars. Remember we will be riding bikes dude.

i may come, but i also may be asleep,
plus it’s a long ride into the city.
where do you meet @ fed square?

across the road from Flinders St station

Don’t get all technical with me…

That was an awesome day for riding, Thanks guys.

Quick link to some pics,


Cheers Omar, thanks for rocking along!. Sorry Steve and I lost you guys at the end… We saw Christof heading to work at the MCG and stopped to say hi but neglected to follow where you headed… Woops.

Nice pic. Pics of me are always welcome! :wink:

Given that I had the camera, I really should have taken more photos…