[MEL] Anzac day ride?

Is there a ride this Wednesday morning?

I’m thinking my house in Collingwood, down to the dawn service, swing by Prahran for coffee, then back around through South Melbourne and back to Fitzroy to a gig.

If anyone wants to come along…

That’d wanna be some black arse coffee Spuddy, but yeah I think I’m in. What time? And what’s your addy?

Roger that. What time is dawn these days?

Service starts at 5:45am.

Make it 5:30, at the ‘advertising park’, cnr Smith and Gertrude st, Fitzroy.

Is anyone else planning on riding at a more daylight hour?

Yup, I’m for some daylight.

Dawn bad, daylight good.


I’m in for a daylight ride.

Shall we make it a more civilized 8am perhaps?

sounds good to me

Remember kids, its not just another day off. Don’t forget to pay your dues.

Spud, I’m interested in going to the dawn svc, will confirm tomorrow eve.

Also… anyone interested in a small ride/barby/grasstrackracing in the afternoon?

Looks like I’m out for Wed.


Soooooo… daylight hours?

Yes that time would be good for me.

Hey Guys, count me in.

CYA then!

OK - Here’s the plan(s)

Dawn service attendees meet at cnr Smith & Gertrude Sts Fitzroy at 5:30am. Ride, go to dawn service, ride more, do coffee and stuff*

Those who need more sleep tonight will meet at Fed [] at 8am. (perhaps the Dawn Service riders come join us then too?). Ride, do coffee and ride some more + do stuff*

Proposal is then to find a suitable location for a BBQ and grasstrack silliness at around the stroke of lunchtime. Exact location and time TBC / as we see fit on the day.

See you (sometime) tomorrow!

I’m going back home for sleep after the service - maybe catch you later on for bbq. Will SMS a locstat once it’s known.