[MEL] Austral : 6pm @ Vodafone Sat

If anyone is looking for something to do tomorrow night… How about watching some track racing at Vodafone?

Austral Wheelrace

Doors open 5:30- I’ll be there, in the usual spot (back straight opposite finish line).

Infield bar etc etc.

Look for the skinny white boy (Nath) with a pink carnation on his lapel, ‘arse-less’ chaps and a rubber chicken under his arm.

I’ll be there with a bunch load of mates. Should be awesome like last time.

Sorry :confused: Bit of a let-down there. Worst commentary ever, horribly inappropriate music choices (eg something about being a dirty slut during the girls future stars race ??), a poor turnout of riders and the promoter almost taking out half the field in the Austral final (uuh??!).

Revolution was great - and I hope they do them again with all the sprint and enduro stars, but the Austral should really be an open. Hold it at DISC like they did with the Sid Patterson last year and the Junior Austral a few weeks back… that was a much more enjoyable open.

Anyhow - shame about the night, even though the Austral final was a pretty good race.

The beer was good but… And the bogans from Ozzie concert next door

I spotted 1 or 2 bogans in the bar area

The SPD moccasins are a giveaway !

Those malaysians are guns! little speedy guns.