Nice. I’ll, be there, it’s even in my hood.

Um, I’m no Scrabble expert but don’t you need to slide the ‘Melburn’ down one so it reads Bike BBQ?

Just sayin.

it’d get you an extra 2 points, too!

ok, i’ll bite. what exactly is a ‘nude roll’?

Can someone explain the frame toss also? Sounds enterprising.

Frame toss; you toss a frame and furthest wins
Nude roll; you roll nude and fastest wins

…easy right…

and the nude toss?

i was hoping it wasn’t that easy.

Well…everyone wins :wink:

Is it being held at a men only sauna?

i hope so :-o

Some kind of anti-consumerist ‘emperor’s new clothes’ style action, designed to coincide with thinking about those less fortunate than us? :slight_smile:

Day is double-booked though, no reason you can’t hit one before/after/during the other.

It’s on the same day as the Crankenmas Alley cat.

Hard choice…

Might head down after the alley cat.

Crankenmas time has changed - 11am registration. After donating the food all will head to the BBQ to celebrate. (chatting to a certain brewery to possibly help out.)

gonna be a wicked day.

Rad day, thanks TC.

I didn’t expect blood but hey, that’s what’s needed to triumph on the 16"'s.


Heaps of fun, good day, 2 beers to many thoguh


Here’s a rushed selection from a friend’s facebook page …


… that saddle a bit high eh matt? :lol:

I was buggered today after Crankenmas in the morning (my tacho tells me I maintained a shade under 30kmh for an hour…) and then that #$%&in’ 16" race … but had fun doing both, thanks TC and Lucas …

man, my parents better be stoked about how much attention their surnames are getting due to my calves…

that saddle a bit high eh matt?

Only when stationary.