[MEL] Bike Polo

I don’t know the full details, but Sunday during the BMX flatland thing, on the way to the toilet, i bumped into about 5 dudes playing bikepolo. They said

-it will be a regular thing (after the flower show this weekend)
-on Sundays
-about 1pmish
-in the gravel carpark between the Museum and Rathdowne St

i’ll confirm all this and get back to y’all…

that’s on fixies I take it? It does look quite fun.

On a similar note. does anyone know when I can get some jousting sticks from or have any ideas of a safe way to make them (so they won’t splinter on impact and impale someone). I was thinking of just heavy duty cardboard tubes (from a fabric shop) with boxing gloves on the end.

Just add beer.

i don’t think there’s really any regard to making them safe, that kind of defeats the whole point of it. just make sure the materials you use are strong enough not to break, and you won’t have to worry about splinters

Trading post?

Tell him he’s dreaming!

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

This just landed in my Inbox…

[i]Bicycle Polo in the (car)Park, Returning this Sunday the 28th, 2pm til
around 5pm @ the carpark in the Carlton Gardens.

Bring a bike, beer and yourself, mallets and ball provided. Security
guard repellent devices would be useful too.

Also, a facebook group has been created (by Alex origami). Search for
the Melbourne Bicycle Polo Club and sign up for more photos and other

Coming soon: a logo and a website.


Yeah, hopefully i will see you there. I take it that the bikes dont have to be fixies

Nick and I went down one Sunday. There were 3 guys just riding around in the carpark pushing the ball around. Nothing seemed to be happening so we just left.


Haha i thought I was rid of jousters when i quit unicycling! Anything works so long as there is something soft and large (impact dispersing) on the end. Unless you want it to crumple on impact but then they only last a single bout.


something soft and large (impact dispersing) on the end


lolzor, i nearly roflcoptered off my spinny chair, haha :smiley:

we ended up using cardboard tubes from spotlight. they cost a massive $0.20 each or there abouts. Slipped a boxing glove over the end and taped it on. They don’t last long but don’t cause any real damage (except to the reputation of your kingdom).
We got a couple of choppers and took the brakes off to make it a little more interesting. good times.

me after my win.

Hi guys

The polo group has had a few more people get involved since then - playing in the Exhibition Buildings has helped with the profile as there’s always people passing through the park, going to IMAX and the Museum etc. There is a bit of word-of-mouth going and we had to knock people back this Sun from matches, I think 4 on 4 is about as big as a match should be at the moment. The playing area has one hazard, a metal grate over a drain. Road tyres will fall in if not careful but the MTB guys seem to cope.

It would be awesome if all y’all fixed.org folk would grace us with yer presence - it’s picked up since Oct. and it’s still building. There are always spare mallets and we dig seeing new faces come back for another go. [/pr flack]

oh yeah plenty of pics at flickr.com … bike polo melbourne should work
and Facebook public group | Facebook