[Mel] BRICK Alleycat (FLIER UP[dated])

Promoting fixed gear fun.

Short and sweet little ride, fixed gear, with or without brakes, so come along and show off your flashy conversions or track bikes!!!

(Might need a couple of checkpoint folks)


if my arm is still fucked, i’d be happy to man a checkpoint. if it’s fine, we ride!

sounds enterprising, I will have either a new bike, or a new paintjob by then…get cracking on a flyer! But beware, if your flyer is too amazing you will get 50+ riders (see burn city scavenger hunt)


hey brendan, maybe we can pool our resources and combine our good arms to create a super checkpoint!

fuck that! let’s get a tandem and kick ass!

Don’t mind them. They’re 'armless.

foot should be ride-ready by then, i’ll be there.

at the alleycat on friday i noticed a handful of injuries. sime’s arm in a sling, brendan stacked it. ruff.

yeah, can’t believe i broke my arm at a benefit for injured riders. oh, irony.

That sucks, hopefully it heals!

volunteering for checkpoint status. (singlespeed road :roll: )

location tba? wtf? what’s wrong with the public bar?

Easy tiger, will actually be starting @ 447 Col, probably finish in the vicinity of PB :slight_smile:

Ow, and I will have some of my hats and should be some other treasure for the fast kids

(havn’t been near puter to change flier)


You might need to take the ‘0’ off that time… it’s a bit ambiguous with both the zero and the ‘pm’ :wink:

Heh, didn’t wanna be a “timist” and discriminate :wink:

Fixed for Nath :slight_smile:

Not far off now…

Yes, rain hail or just plain old 6.30pm darkness… Apparently limited numbers (about 30, if that many turn up to race!) because of stuff…


i just got out of my sling this week and my shoulder is still pretty tweaked, we still rocking the tandem? hahaha.

I think you can put me down to help out with a checkpoint Wormz.

i’m out of the sling too, but given i can’t quite straighten my arm yet, i’ll be down for a checkpoint as well.

did you at least get to keep the money you raised?