[Mel] Bunches down the Bay 150k 18th Aug

Here are some details for those interested in this Audax ride

A Bay run to Portsea and back. Finish at Parkdale with some hearty tucker. Riding in a peleton at your speed. Restricted to 80 riders.
Entries open 2 weeks before ride.
Parkdale 8:00:00 AM
This is a suported ride, $15 for Audax members, $20 for non members

Register now if interested.
Contact details can be found here http://www.audax.org.au/calendar.asp

Hey Steve,

I emailed to make a booking but haven’t recieved a reply yet.

give them a day or 2 to get back to you.

I have given them 4 days

They’re probably still figuring out how to print your email so they can read it and respond by snail mail.

Alright i got a reply.

So is anyone else doing this or is it just me and steve at the moment. I think it should be ok to enter on the day.

just the 2 of us Damoh.
see you at the start, nice and early

Hey steve where abouts in parkdale do we meet? What time are you getting there, i was thinking about 7.30am

Omar are you going to join us?

Park in Parkers Rd.
It starts on the other side of beach road.
I’ll be there just after 7.

Can you just rock up tomorrow, or should I have booked earlier?
I’ll be on my road bike tomorrow morning on Beach Rd anyway…

rock up close to 7 and you ‘should’ be ok

Ok i have spoken to the guys organising it. There are plenty of spots available. If you change your mind and you want to come along details are below:

The ride starts in Beach Rd, Parkdale, cnr Parkers Rd
at 8.00 am. entries from 7.15 am. Please park in Parkers Rd.

Control in the picnic shelter. Toilets south end of building

Riders head down the bay to Dromana, Portsea, Dromana
& back to Parkdale.

Please bring your Audax or Cycling Fed. Membership card

Not being a member of AUDAX or CYCLING AUST. is not a problem,
but we have to ask for a Temporary Members Surcharge of $5

This is a PELETON RIDE with riders encouraged to ride in groups
of similar strength. This is always more enjoyable anyway.

Parking in Parkdale is easy or the Railway Station is 1 km away.
Ride fee $20

Two controls down the bay will be supported with food & drinks
& hot food & drinks at the finish.
But riders must be self sufficient in food & equipment
(including spare tubes!!)
And I recommend rainwear (it is a Melbourne winter!!)

See you all tomorrow

Just like to say that it was a fantastic ride, perfect weather, no wind, great company. Feel sorry for Damoh and Steve though being on the fixies. How is the foot Damoh, can you feel it yet? :wink:
I must say, the ability to coast DOES have it’s advantages…

yep, great day, company and food

Yeah thanks to all involved and the great company. Thanks to Keith and Eyrle for organising such fantastic food.

I think i will need a road bike for the round the bay.

Will I be the only one doing it fixed?

Dunno I might do it SS, only cause my legs start cramping after 3-4hrs.

take some magnesium and calcium, you’ll be fine.

it doesn’t sound like anyone would be interested in a 2 day 350km ride fixed then?

Steve, you’re just on a different level I think :wink: