(MEL) Found Hillman road bike

I found an abandoned blue Hillman road bike while down in Melbourne today. Anyone missing one? Let me know components etc and ill get it back to you before I leave

^ Hang on, what?

Yeh, that’s mine. It’s blue, and pretty sure it has components.

Cue: Is it a real hillman.

You can just return it with the travesty if you like :wink:

It’s mine, it’s not a real Hillman. It can be identified by the ginger hair caught around all the components.

Not sure if its real or not, but has quality components so might be.

Yeh, that’s deffo mine bro. Blue hillman with quality components.

^ill have it back to you within the hour!

For serious though. Would like to get it back to its rightful owner if I can. Otherwise it’s coming back to Sydney with me when I go back next week

Perfect! I’m in Sydney, see you in a week. :wink:

Why don’t I ever find Aussie made road bikes with quality components? Fuck.

Well played sir!

When you get back to Syd, would you try and stumble across my stolen bicycle with quality components? Much appreciated.

I’ll try my best. Also would I maybe be able to come over Monday or Tuesday next week and borrow your tools to re-cable/tyre this thing? Wouldn’t mind getting it back in working order

No worries. I’ll be home just before 5 on both those days

Thanks man!

Did it have lights?

Suntour Superbe parts?

come to brisbane next. pommy frame with quality components :frowning:

Unfortunately not

the lols are real