[MEL] Lilydale to Warburton Rail Trail Ride Sun 6th May

This is going to happen on the first Sunday in May (6th May) pending weather. Time to be confirmed later. Meeting place will be at Fed Sq then wander across to Flinders Train Station to catch a ride out to Lilydale. Cost of a ticket is only $2.50 (Sunday savers).

Best to be prepared for this ride. Apart from the usual food and drink you’ll definately need tools and a spare tube. Cog Bike Cafe should be open if you run into mechanical trouble but might be some distance away depending on where you are on the trail. A round trip is approximately 80 km with regular stops to take in the great views, fresh air and photo opportunities. The trail is nice and fast and surprisingly smooth. You can even do it fixed on 23 mm tyres but ride whatever you like.


FARKIN EH been waitin for this one!!!

OK. Here’s the plan:

  1. Meet at Flinders St Station at 7.30am
  2. Get tickets if you don’t already have one
  3. Catch 8.06am train to Lilydale
  4. Ride the trail … there should be a stop at the cog bike cafe
  5. Catch train home

Or, you can meet us at Lilydale station. The train is scheduled to arrive there at 9.11am. Let us know on this forum if you plan to meet us at Lilydale. Preferably PM me your contact details as well.


Des, I’ve got a couple of friends that may be interested in coming on the ride, but they ride geared bikes. Is that ok or should I tell them “psssorf and get it fixed first”?

Bring em along!

If I make it to this ride I’ll be riding one of these:


It’s no fixie but it’s oh so comfy. :stuck_out_tongue:

haha, cool, I’ll let them know it’s ok to come out and play :wink:

If you’re riding a bike, you are most welcome to join in.


What if it’s a recumbent?


OK OK … they’re welcome too :roll:

What’s the expected round-trip time??

Nath might be able to answer this better.

The last time we did this, we were back at Lilydale station at about 3-ish (I think).


Weather is still looking good for sunday…bring it on

Yup … This ride is definately happening. If you haven’t seen the details already, they’re below. We should be hanging around the entrance of the station under all the clocks.


the last carriage Des?

Ok … since you suggested it … yes, the last carriage.


I’ll meet up with guys when you come through Glenferrie Stn…

Gah, friends arriving from BNE when this is on. Next time.

Thanks to everyone who came out to play.

Pics of that day here:



Thanks for organising it Des.
It was a great day

Great pics Des, Thanks again it was a great day indeed.