[MEL] Roller Derby #8 - Fri 26th

It’s on again - this Friday at the <a href=“http://brunswickcyclingclub.com/about/facilities/”>BCC Clubrooms</a>:

Last month damoh smashed it. Come along and have a go - racing is handicapped… Cheap food and drink available. All bikes, all riders welcome!

Yeah Smash it! It’s a blast :evil:

Results from the last one here.

And there are minibikes! Last time we ran the finals on minis - it was a classic.

Come along and have a go or just watch and heckle :slight_smile:

Roller Derby Update:

  • we have a new sponsor “Little Creatures” who is supplying a significant volume of their beer for the evening
  • prizes on the night include coffee, tools, clothes, track world cup tickets and of course the glory of having competed in the Roller Derby
  • there will be plenty of food and drink available

so come along and have a go - or just watch and consume some very cheap beer :slight_smile:

All welcome!

I’ll cruise down and have a heckle. The lure of cheap Little Creatures is too much to resist.

(ripped from a BV thread)

Looking forward to seeing the ladies smashing it too.

About how long will this run for? I’ll try to swing by after work.

Till about 10pm. Later if the weather’s good:)

Fuckers. Folks in town. Have fun! :x