[MEL] Roller Derby @ The EAST

The BCC roller derby has a new home: The East Brunswick Cub!

Join us there on Friday 28th November for a fun evening of un-serious roller racing. All riders and all bikes welcome. Prizes and raffles from Cycle Underground. Registration and qualifying from 6pm, racing from 7. This is a fund-raising event, all proceeds to be donated to a local charity.

rollerderby and vegan parmas together at last…

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just got old mate aquaman to post this on the cranky sundays blog. here’s hoping we see a bunch of fluro bikes with matching tri-spokes on the rollers!



spewin got a wedding,for charity too thats awesome.

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two mad zingers in one thread! it’s like murphy brown around here!

that was good. :smiley:

some additional details on this Friday’s roller racing:

  • all bikes and all riders welcome

That means: No matter what bike you ride, what style of riding you prefer, what type of clothes you wear or what type of music you listen to - you are encouraged to have a go on the rollers. Freewheels, brakes and gears are allowed (as long as you use the same gear <= 96" all night)… Risers, suspension, fenders, roadies, mtb whatever. If your bike fits on the rollers you can have a go.

  • qualifying from 6pm, racing from 7pm.

Sign up and do your qualifying run from 6pm. After all riders have qualified we will present the Junior champions then start round one of the roller battles.

  • the BCC rollers are REALLY easy to ride

The BCC rollers are the ones that were used for channel 7’s World of Sport program, and have been modified to include platforms. The rollers have a large diameter so they are easy to balance on and with the platorm you can easily put your foot down without falling off.

Very few people have fallen off these rollers - and many have ridden them un-assisted for the first time at the roller derby, with no prior roller experience.

Come along and have a go, or just yell for your favourite rider.

Hope to see you there!

PLEASE someone else bring their jump bike! BMX even!

didn’t someone - ie you - already do this?

Well yes, but racing yourself is something best reserved for 4am.

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most enthusiastic bump ever. looks like someone really really wants people to try her cakes…


now that’s enthusiastic :wink:

well done tonight!

Well done BJ! Although after a discussion with the chief commissaire, I decided to slightly alter the official placings. :wink:

Thanks to everyone that came along and had a go… Keep your eyes open for info on our next Roller race at the East - Last week in January. It’s going to be HUGE!


haha love it nath. Yet another great roller derby with entertaining results. Although I think brendan spells his name Brendan “boohoo I need a holder” Bailey.