[MEL] Saturday ride - Eastlink explorer

This Saturday - let’s find the south end of the Eastlink bike trail and follow it back to the Eastern fwy into town for late lunch at convent. Bring a water bottle - this one could be a bit of a hike :slight_smile:

Maybe we’ll have 1st coffee at Black rock or Gunthers for anyone that needs an early finish.


fuck i hate working saturdays considering i live 5 mins from fed square… such a tease.

there are sections of this trail that arent finished, better take a map

Awesome ride to Frankston then up 40km of the freeway and then another 30km into town. Wow nice long ride, looking forward to this one.

Maybe we can have lunch at my folks place once we hit high st in Wantirna south, or better yet maybe you can wake up my slack arse when you ride past.

i might meet you in brighton or something, that’ll save me 30 km’s

there really should be an emoticon for ‘lazy’

get your slack arse to my place and ride the full 110+ kms

some friends and i rode most of this the other day, but were reduced to a walk through noble park to the train station when one of us blew out a rim. sweet ride.

Have fun. Working :cry:

Ill see your Lazynes and raise you a pair of mockis…
you can all wake me up when you get close to my joint in Berwick :evil:

i’m a maybe for this sat. going to geelong in the afternoon. might be pressed for time.

Great ride guys, after all that time away from the bike I was starting to get a little crazy.

[b]Some Pics[/b]

Here are a few I liked

yeah great day out

Great photos Omar, its so good to capture the moment of the day. Fantastic ride guys i couldn’t wipe the smile off my face just like these clowns couldn’t…

Hey there you guys from Melbourne, you might remember me from 2 xmas’s ago, Tony living in London, still. I came for a couple of Sat rides when I was there 1 and a half years ago, (somebody called me a wannabe but what the hay ) :slight_smile: . Its great to see cycling is really strong back home, more bikes less cars.
Summer is coming after a shitty winter here, sun in your face=all good.
We will keep on riding till the end, it is the perfect freedom.

regards, Tony.

Hey Tony

Weren’t you here for the 1st birthday beer-b-q? Did you stop in for a froffy!

Looks like it was a great day out!
Pity I missed this one (and the last 2 months…) :evil:
Did you ride on the new Hwy?

We all wanna be something Tony, don’t stress it :wink:
Still having issues with cracked lock nuts mate? Black IRO right?

Ride safe mate :slight_smile:

Yes he did. Nice to hear from you again Tony.


Nice pics Omar. Thanks.


Next time let’s go find the south end… That was an awesome day of riding. Those windy wooden bridge sections around the tunnel rocked :slight_smile: