[MEL] Special-Ed Test The Best - Westerfolds - Sun Jan 30

There’s a few of us heading out to the dark depths of Templestowe (well outside the hipster bubble) for this

Come and see me flounder around trying to work out why the bike stops so quickly and Benzy taking his world renowned whip-skids to new dirt-based levels. Watching Benzy on a bike designed to take something like the abuse he usually metes out to his bike will be worth seeing.

All on bikes that we don’t have to clean/fix at the end of the day (in fact a forum “known associate” has to do that!) :wink:

I know its on on both Sat and Sun, but Sunday was the chosen day.

Rumour has it that Trigger might also be there to show us that Rapha kit ups your style points off-road as well.

I’m in for sure.

sheet, i don’t hav a credit card.

it’s safe to say someone will help you out “the-cyclist-formally-known-as-HMC”

i’d lend you mine, but it’ll be getting a workout at some GOR petrol stations all weekend servicing my desires for taking a land whale where only seals and dolphins should play.

you have ‘28 Jays’ email, send him a message and ask if he will be nice to fellow HTFU tour victims. I suspect its more for security purposes, so maybe your limited edition morbid angel tour LP would suffice?

I did one of these run by giant a while ago, it was mad fun.