[MEL] Tonight - Thursday

Anyone want to join me on a hilly loop out to the army barracks and back? Probably leave carlton about 5-ish. Dinner after?

Call me. Call me now.

I would but i wont get into town till about 6 to 6.15.

If you change your mind we could go for a cruise cause i have to be in richmond by 9pm

ok change of plans:

fed square, 6:15

anyone welcome, don’t be shy!


boule -> rollercoaster -> yarra flats -> potholes -> ivanhoe boule
-> woodbridge -> boule -> richmond -> ginger beer.

~2hrs… all you asking for a night ride… this is your chance.

Would love to but I have engagements.
I’ll be free at 9:30PM… too late?

Need to get my fat ass off the office chair aggh doing my head in!

probably - i’ve got pasta and a tarkovski waiting at home for me at 9pm :slight_smile:

Fuuarrk Yeah!

Not anymore.

It’s not a fat arse, it’s a track arse!

so get it up and get it down to fed square by 6:15pm.

so does that mean you’re coming too nick! :slight_smile: