[MEL] Track Day - Saturday June 16th

Heads up everyone - this coming Staurday (16th June) will be the informal track day and bicycle swap meet at the Coburg Velodrome.

Meet at Fed Sq. at 7:30am OR at Coburg Velodrome * at 8:30am.

If you plan to ride on the track, please bring a loose $5.

*Directions to Coburg:
[li]North on Sydney Rd.[/li][li]Left at Gaffney St. Coburg (near Pentridge)[/li][li]Right at Roosevelt St. (Coburg Cycling Club sign visible)[/li][li]Velodrome is in the reserve at Charles St.[/li][/ul]
[Google Map]

Hope to see everyone there!

In case of rain: Revert to Saturday ride from Fed Sq with perhaps BBQ swap meet, watch this space.

There have been a few questions about gearing - for Coburg you’ll probably want to have about 80-85 gear inches. We will not be doing any really fast stuff so that should suit well. Consult the gear chart to see which combos you can use.

Will this shindig be going on after 12pm?

I reckon it will - especially if there’s food and drink involved :slight_smile:

And if you promise to bring all your spare bike crud - hell yeah!

Right… I’ve assembled a varied sampling of my spare bits and bobs.

If you’re looking for cranks, saddles, seat posts, pedals, hubs, chainrings or even a few non fixie bits and pieces I’ve got you covered.

See you guys in the morning.


See you in the morning!

I’ll be at Fed Sq at 7:30 - Des will be at the track at 8:30, hope to catch you all at one or the other.

If anyone is driving please give me a squillo (0404 622 272) in the am and I might get you to pick up some stuff from my place on your way over to the track.

You can’t carry it all nath?


:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll go further: Precious wimp.

:slight_smile: I don’t want to ride my “track bike” on the street. I could carry the wheels… but a bike and wheels might be stretching it. Plus - it might get dust and scratches on it. hahah

So to all you little girls who were too scared to ride on the track 'cause you thought it was too wet- you’ll be happy to hear that Mark and I checked it out at about 3PM and it was perfect! In fact the sun came out at about 4PM. It was a pity that the group had disbanded by that stage. I had fun though!
Check out the photo’s of the day
<a href=“http://www.flickr.com/search/?q=coburg&w=42012645%40N00”>Here</a>

I think this photo basically sums up the day nicely :slight_smile:

hahhaha netti boy

Yup. So it was a crappy, foggy day and the track was wet. No racing but lots of deals going down in the carpark, most of it resulting in the creation of some funky mutant polo/BMX bikes. Cool stuff.

Thanks to ndf for organising … sorry the weather wasn’t better.

Also thanks to Damo for the cool bars and front brake.

hehe, nice to see the BMXs have been put to good use! I love the handlebars on the yellow and pink numbers :smiley:

That flouro yello number is mad on the velodrome, and the little pink guy went to a very happy new owner today.

Thanks Fi. The bikes are awesome and so much fun to ride. Hope you can make it to our next event (whatever it may be) to ride them for yourself :slight_smile:

Good stuff!

Yeah I need to get a boost of motivation, I’m such a wimp in the cold but I kick myself every time I skip a fixed ride! Maybe this Saturday’s ride will be a goer - post exams and I’ll be itching to get some miles on the pushy.

sounds good Fi.
next track day will see more of them on the track in all their glory, thanks

No worries Des, Cant wait to see them on your bike. Thanks for the Brake Levers too. Thanks to Chris for buying my brakes . We should do a swap meet again some time. Although we didn’t ride i still had a lot of fun and laughter.

Well, I got there late! (2pm) and it was dry! and I did some gardening on the weeds around the duckboards (bits at the bottom of the banking ), and called Horatio and he turned up and we just rolled around for about an hour. It’s been a while since I rode that track, and after DISC, it’s a bit intimidating getting right up to the top of the banking - it’s the steepest track just about, in mainland Australia (have a look at the one in Rosebery in Tas if you’re down there). You sure it wasn’t that, and not the weather, that freaked people out? :wink:

OK, all the bits (a carful) I brought along for people to look at include some from my own collection:

a 58cm KenEvans Columbus Cromor track bike (less wheels) - it’s just too big for 5’11 1/2" me - Cinelli Criterium bars, Sugino crankset (not 75, AP144, takes track rings), proper Sugino bottom bracket, Turbo saddle;

two sets of bars and stems (one pr. of Cinelli Criterium 42cm), the other set with Exage brake levers - stems about 100 or 120mm

assorted axles, tyres (newish), chainring bolts , etc.

Other bits and pieces from Hillman’s (work), including Shimano cartridge bearing headsets, tracknuts, and other stuff;

unopened packets of 3 ea. chromed steel Campagnolo top tube rear brake cable clamps - super pimpy bling. Back brake? What? (Sorry). Maybe for the freewheel singlespeed . . . ?

a genuine brand new in box Campagnolo Pista 109mm bottom bracket English thread (any number of Yanks would soil their undies over this);

a pair of Campagnolo 50th anniversary brake calipers (can’t split these).

Horatio wants to get rid of some 32h Velocity Aerohead rims, slight use

So that’s it for my little outpost of Aladdin’s cave. I don’t want to eBay them without letting deserving local souls have a look first.

In return, I’m after a pair of decent 36H track hubs, or a good 27.2mm seatpost, or cash (Cash for the bits from Hillman).

Cheers, post or drop me a line <mfhor@yahoo.co.uk>


p.s. Henry, the patriarch of the house of Hill, has more old bits that he wants to send to new homes. He’s 86, and has the remnants of his old import business to clear out of his shed. If you want something specific, it might be there, amongst 60 years of stuff. I can enquire.



I’m after (and I thought I may as well be specific at this point):

  1. track nuts (with ‘washers’) in nice nick.
  2. 1 inch threaded headset - would one of those Shimano cartridge jobs be 1 inch threaded and have the ‘old’ look? Would I be able to source two crown races for a headset so that I could easily swap forks on my Hillman?
  3. tubular tyres (if they’re the ‘newish’ ones you mentioned are tubs, and not nasty heavy ones :-))
  4. Dual-pivot road brakes, well, a front one really. Pref Shimano.
  5. Chainring bolts - any Sugino?

I have:
A pair of NOS 36 hole Suzue high-flange hubs laced to Ambrosio Montreals as posted on the forum for sale section.

Might also have a pair of 36 hole Shimano Dura Ace high-flange hubs from the early '80’s. With some blemishes, you’d have to see if they’re up to your required standard. I’ve chucked new Dura Ace balls in them and they spin nicely. I’m undecided if I want to sell them at the moment.

And goodness me, the potential of Henry’s stash sounds exciting, after all, I do like the old stuff!

Cheers, Michael.

PS, I’ll also email you.

I’ve got some new Dura-Ace metric thread front nuts, and SH rear ones;

Crown races are the headset bits that get butchered first, but I might be able to put together a swapsie headset kit;

If you’re very good boy, Hillman has a couple of old Campag steel headsets in the parts drawers, but I’m keeping one for them for myself. There should be another complete one at least. The 1" Shimano ones are an alloy shell, but look nice, and my second choice to put in my track bike, now the old scalloped nut EX600 one is looking decidedly shabby.

tyres: just some slightly used Axial Pro green ones - no “singles” - I bawled Horatio out for calling them “tubulars” - if you are a Septic or a Pom, you are forgiven. :slight_smile:

I’ve got a pearl-finish 105 long-reach (47-57mm) front brake caliper, but Horatio’s got first dibs on that;

Plenty of Sugino double chainring bolts - I have set up a jig on the metal dropsaw to convert them to single ring nuts. Only problem - slight loss of plating, but they’re real cheap. You can put clear nail polish on the bolt/nut ends to stop rust, or put enough oil on the chain, then no problem.

Henry’s stash is being liberated slowly in bits and pieces at the moment, via Barry: he has to get his head around selling stuff to people he can’t talk to.

Cheers, MH

p.s., The Dura-Ace hubs sound good - I’ve got a polishing rig on the grinder, surface imperfections aren’t a prob.