[MEL] Track Day - Saturday June 16th

Thanks to the very kind folks over at Coburg Cycling Club we have arranged to get authorised and exclusive use of the Coburg Velodrome on Saturday the 16th of June…

Fixed Org Au Informal Track Day

A chance to try out some unserious track riding on a serious velodrome, without having to commit to a race license. A chance also to use your mean track machine for the task it was originally designed - going really damn fast in circles.

In place of the Saturday ride like the hour, current plan is something like:

  • meet at fedsq and ride up sydney rd or meet at coburg
  • brief intro for those who haven’t ridden on a steep velodrome before
  • group paceline to get comfortable riding with others on the banks
  • flying 200s
  • matched pursuits
  • 3-up sprints
  • scratch in matched groups

More details to be posted once everything is finalised. Since hire of the venue will be about $50, I’ll be asking for a $5 donation on the day - any excess will go toward snags and or beer. Watch this space and the front page for more. Hope you can all come along for a fun morning’s riding.

This is an outdoor venue so we will have to abort in the case of rain, we’ll see what happens :slight_smile:

These saturday rides just keep getting better and better! Nice one Nath.

I’ll be there for sure. Can I have a go with the Gyro aero-helmet please? :smiley:


You’ll have to ask JP - with some luck he’ll be there too :slight_smile:

Oh man! that sounds sweet! Count me in (thats if I dont miraculously kill my hub again)

Bring it on, count me in. Cant wait.

Sounds good, hopefully I can actually get to this one!

We are locked in! Saturday 16th June. If you are planning to come along, please let me know here, on a Saturday ride, by PM or email nathan at undershorts dot org so we know how many to expect. And… If you cross any Coburg riders on the road in the next few weeks, please give them an extra-special nod, wave and thankyou!

Ah’ll be there Nath.

What size is the trophy? So as I can get the cabinet made beforehand like Lauren Burns :roll:

how about this one:


Or I still have some of the drags trophies that we salvaged from the torrents :slight_smile: They are about 8cm high.

Well I guess thats one way to tell someone to go screw themselves bu-dum ching
But seriously that ‘would’ be one cool trophy hey?

No! It just encourages other people to pull out useless pieces of shit from their garage, weld them togeather and pronounce loudly “hey everybody, I’m a fucking artist”. “Look at me I’ve done a shit in my hand and nailed it to a board, PAY ME”.

But that’s just me.

Craig, your thoughts on these then:

But we’re not selling them - you have to earn them! :wink:

Seeing as I’m non-confrontational and the quiet type, Nath they’re GREAT! In a kind of ‘sheltered work-shop way’ or porfessional window licker.


:cry: yep, but on the other hand (pardon the pun) there’s nothing like a 6-pack of beer and DVD of dwarf porn.


OK well… How about rubber band, a length of old tube and a piece of paper with “you’re special” written in 20cm text?

then we can all get a trophie.

Dibs on the poster, cause I’m feeling delicate today and need all the positivism I can get.
Nath, do those trophies come in XXL? Cause I think I’d like to run fat tyres on the pug for off-road use.

Nath and I came up with this idea of having a swap event as the racing is going on.

See thread http://fixed.org.au/forums/index.php/topic,2407.0.html

To coincide with the fixed.ord.au informal track day (see thread http://fixed.org.au/forums/index.php/topic,2360.0.html), we are also having a swap event. The swap event will run throughout the track proceedings. Check the link for meet times and location. There’s a $5 donation if you want to be part of the track racing, otherwise the swap part of the day is free.

Bring your unwanted bikie bits for trade or sale. Not restricted to fixie bits either. Fixer newbies are also most welcome to come on down to seek advice on bike setups and riding techniques.

As always, all are welcome.

great idea!