[MEL] What time for the Sunday Arvo Ride?

If your at all likely to ride, meeting at Fed Square, what time would you like to meet up for a Sunday afternoon ride?

If we finish in the arvo, perhaps coffee afterwards. If its later, maybe a pub meal somewhere…

actually, new suggestion, how about we meet at carlton gardens. that way the people waiting can watch the bike polo dudes who play every sunday from 1 till nightfall. i’m not sure exactly where the spot is, but it shouldn’t be hard to find
i’m all about forming communities plus i’m hoping they have a sticker with their motto-
“one less horse”

Great idea!

This Sunday is the Eastlink open day don’t forget.

Anyone registered for the free 30km ride?

I’ll be at Platform 6 at 812am tomorrow (Sun) heading out to Eastlink. Red Giant fix, red fixed.org jersey.

well i won’t be doing the eastlink ride, so if anyone wants to meet up at 4 at the carlton gardens, then a show of hands would be great. i’m pretty flexible regarding times, so if tht doesn’t work for someone, i can negotiate for sure.
forecast is:
A mostly cloudy day with a light shower or two, clearing during the afternoon.
Generally light south to southeasterly winds.
i’m not sure where we’ll ride, someone else is welcome to make that decision.

I voted 1pm cause thats when Sunday Arvo Polo is.

i guess too much choice is a bad thing.
anyway, i won’t make it today due to uni disasters that must be resolved before i can submit

I’m out too, but lets try for 4pm next Sunday? Lets confim here first.

Hey all, not sure whatever happened with this one. did this become the cranky sundays ride in July/Aug?

Sometimes bike polo has to move when there’s cars at the exhibition buildings. looks like this week it will be at the corner of Stanley and Cambridge streets in Collingwood.

I’ll be at cranky sunday this week, probably the section 8 noon meeting point.