[MELB] alleycat

Just in case you didn’t read about it here or there:

06/06/06, 5:30 meet (for a 6:00 start I presume…) at Federation Square for about 6 minutes of racing.

I wouldn’t bet on a 6pm start, couriers never can start their races on time, but then again there is always beer before the start. ROCK ON!


does this mean we need to drink 6 beers before the race?

talked me into it :smiley:

Alley cats for city rats;

layne says we’ll start at 6 past 6 and 6 seconds. pretty scary… remember to bring lights (if you’re into that kind of thing). and also $10 for entry.

by the way, does anyone have an 18 tooth cog i could have a borrow of? miche splined ones are ok since i’ve got a carrier. i’m running 44/17 and my knees hurt. :cry:

Can we also bring a sacrifice? I was thinking a live chicken or something but then you run the risk of offending the vego’s. Then the vego’s will want to sacrifice something with animal products in it, then you run the risk of offending the vegan’s, then the vegan’s will want to sacrifice something that represents mankinds decay of the planet, then you run the risk of offending the human rights people, etc, etc, etc, etc…Sacrifice to the dark lord just isn’t what it used to be.

Yes, and as I am the dark lord, I am getting pissed off!!! Thats it, another tsunami is headed for some asian-island, another flood will hit america, another 10 years of drought for QLD and another hole in the ozone layer…right over CraigC’s house
Phew…its been a busy day for the dark lord.

Sorry guys,

I like banter.

Heck, we all do, but

thats some weiiiiiiiiiiiird Banter.

OOOHHHH ya poor knees :cry:

don’t know why but I always carry a spare 18th around and funnily enough will be able to grant your first wish on that day 6/06/06.

if ya still need it of course???

holy shit!!! someone actually reads my crap.

Tuesday 06/06/06, the sign of the beast day. Time to break out the ‘exorcisist’ and ‘the Omen’ (possibly the Shinning too).

Rhino and I will have to provide the snuff porn. and sorry no starring roles yet but if you’re interested drop me a line and an auditon tape.


seen the trailer for the new “The Omen” yet? Looks tres faux scary.

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