[MELB] Celluloid Cycles

Rolled over to last nights Celluloid Cycles screening and bumped into the usual suspects. The films were fun, but the best part was winning a show bag!

They had questions for the showbags and the one I got was: Have you ever ridden fixed gear on single track? Duh. I nearly had to start breaking skulls for it, but I quickly moved to quash any dissent. Inside was one of those Sexy Lagers, cheese grips, socks, a few issues of One Mag, a pair of glow in the dark condoms + lube and some Shifter Bikes decals.

So if you do go to any of the sessions, make sure you’ve got a quick answer ready, though I don’t know if they’re having showbags at every session.

damn! i could use a pair of cheese grips right about now …

twas a good and entertaining night fo bike films.

People should definately try and get over for one or two fo teh coming sessions.


Is it just me, or are cyclists WAY above average in the attractive stakes? So many healthy, fit, interesting, lithe, bright-eyed and smiling folk - it was heaven!

Jorgen Leth truly is a MASTER, that film had everything… made me hell keen for a woolen jersey too :slight_smile:

So that was you eh roguedub? … I’m sure I was sitting next to one of you other guys, but was too shy to introduce myself - maybe next time.

Looking forward to Sunday’s screening big time.


hey spuddy, you need a shower? I’ve got one…

  • Joel

Thats Aaron Chase yes?

It was Ryan Leech.

I saw him a couple of years ago. He does some amazing stuff.

The best trials course I’ve seen was on Sooty Park a while ago. The guys were hopping from a river bank, onto rocks in the river, then back onto the bank a bit further down the river. Then it was up the bank and up onto a stone wall, and off the other side.

Imagine all the damage they do to themselves practicing this stuff.

nah dude we’re fine. A bit of shin burgering sometimes on pedals.

local trialsin goodness from producer extraordinaire Alex M - some featuring my unco-ordinated self!


ryan leech is just fucked in the head though. nice guy too.

  • Joel