[Melb] Fixed 100 - Update!

This coming Saturday (2nd Dec) is the fixed.org.au fixed 100 ride. A very cruisey and gentle ride on bike paths for approximately (but no less than) 100km.

Just a few important things…

1: Start time is 9:00am, and not the normal (crazy?) 7:30am.
2: Meet point is Fed Square in the city.
3: Come along damnit, there may even be prizes!

We have a tentative plan for a post-ride barbeque, and the route will cover the following trails:

Capitol City, Merri Creek, Western Ring Road, Moonee Ponds Creek and the Brand spanking new Federation Trail.

If you are considering coming along, stop considering - just turn up and ride! If you are still considering, call Sarah or Wendy on 0404 622 272 and they will tell you to stop considering and ride :slight_smile:

P.S. : bikes!

Just who are Sarah and Wendy?

Just who are Sarah and Wendy?[/quote]

…the fixed.org.au call-girls/secretaries.

I wonder if the Hillman will last the distance without another major mechanical this weekend?

I’m pretty much 90% sure that I might be coming along… probably.

I’m having some commitment issues at the moment.


I’m not having commitment issues, just taco issues.

People can use statistics to prove anything :wink: See you Saturday Nath!

You might have more issues if you don’t show up.

after 4hrs of recon last night with ndf, i can vouch for a large chunk of the ride being fun and rad… made me think melb is actually kind of a cool place that begs more explorative rides on a wed night… all the bridges, tracks, lights and cars were really nice. even as a night ride, it was spectacular.

Did you ride the full 100???

Looks like weather might not be so good this Sat.

I wouldn’t mind just showing up at Fed Sq and heading off to coffee if weather turns bad.

What say you guys?



But really, I agree Des, I can’t be stuffed riding 100km in turdy weather either.


winge winge!

If ndf, with his one arm, is willing to ride a fixed MTB 100km in turdy rain while wearing just some speedos and lycra booties…then you guys have no excuse!!! :x

Then again, ndf is a total freaking nutbag, and will pretty much ride all day/night with that same goofy grin, sprining around a 37" gear…

Ok, I take it back. :smiley:

Careful you don’t spill your latte on your skirt Des. Worst case is, mj and dionysis probably have some handy wipes in their handbags.

ndf and I will be sure to have a good time :wink:

If you come anywhere near the Marybynong river, give me a buzz.
I’m there coaching rowing all day.

Otherwise, I might see some of you @ DISC on Sunday arvo?

Careful there 853.

I remember at least one occasion when the weather wasn’t too good and I was the only one waiting at the bus shelter … and another when it was pissing rain and yeehaw and I were the only ones riding. Guess who showed up later for coffee at Thressie’s when the weather turned good? :smiley:


Well, we’re all going to have to be very careful now, aren’t we?

I think I’ll choose to be careful that I don’t get my wool retro jersey too wet, I’d hate to shrink the precious thing.

…it’s a mussette 853. Repeat: ‘mussette’, not ‘handbag’.

Anyway, the Bureau is now saying:
Forecast for Saturday
Mostly cloudy with a shower or two. Moderate to fresh west to southwest winds.
Precis: Shower or two.
City: Min 13 Max 20

Should be OK. See y’all there in Fed[], 9:00am, sharpish… ish.

I was gunna come along today with some friends but if the company is this bitchy I think I’ll give it a miss. :wink:

fixed + 100 = awesome.

But, by gum I’m tired.

Sorry I couldn’t make it guys, had been lookin forward to this for weeks but after workin till 4am the ol’ cranium was like jelly this morning :frowning:
Anyway the good news is the Pug is nearly on the road, just gotta wait till tomorrow to get the seat post back and mod the forks a lil’ and I’m rollin bebbe :smiley: