[Melb] Fixmas Ride

Same time, same place, different day.

The Fixmas Ride
Monday 25th December. 7:30am.
Corner Swanston St and Elgin St, Carlton.

Come along for a probably showery, easy cruise for Fixmas and see all the kiddies riding their new bikes.

ANd of course, there’s coffee at Brown’s to look forward to (because that’s the only place that’s open. Maybe things will be different this year?).


Lentil as anything at the old convent is open xmas day… they have good coffee, great snacks, good prices (what you feel) and a good location… ie CLOSE TO THE BOULE’ !@

Damn that BOULE.

One day, that place is gonna kill me.

OK! I’m there!


Ho Ho Ho.

Have fun guys. See you in a few weeks.

…almost as good as the 'MARR eh?

Enjoy your fixmas guys, wish I was there.